Degree project at RCA, London.
Interactive sound installation, engraved glass, 400 booklets and 400 postcards with short story excerpt.

Within every message, there is an inherent duality. For communication to happen, there is always the need of two participative sides, the one that emits the message and the one that receives it. However, when we emit the message, we have a limited control on the message’s life. We cannot guarantee its reception, and we definitely can’t ensure it will be understood. In the installation, the microphone reacts to the viewer’s voice producing white noise at the same volume as the voice emited. Meanwhile, the glass narrates a story that recreates the same feeling of isolation, and failed communication. Three short stories where distributed as booklets, each one of them recreating a situation of total isolation and absurd endings, where communication never seems to happen. A message left without a recipient.

To read the booklets click here.