Art commission for the Wilding Festival, London.
2 posters. Ink and thread on paper.

There might be something wrong, beneath the surface. A public figure speaks their mind openly, and makes an unbelievable statement, outraging few but leaving most indifferent.

It can become dangerous when it is a part of the everyday, when a spoken offence becomes so mundane that it can hardly be noticed as such, and no longer distinguished as unnacceptable.

I. “Laws are like women, they are there to be violated”
Said by José Manuel Castelao, President of the General Council of Spanish Citizens Abroad
Former MP of the current ruling Popular Party (PP) in Galicia from 2006 to 2008. This declaration was made on his second day as the President of the General Council, when counting votes to formalise a document, and suggested to just add one more vote. He resigned from his position a few days later, claiming he was doing so for personal reasons.

II. “The majority of domestic violence reports are false”
Said by Toni Cantó, Actor and MP of UPyD (Union, Progress and Democracy)
Famous actor who joined the UPyD in 2008. Has recently become the target of harsh criticism due to polemic declarations on his twitter account on a regular basis. After becoming trending topic due to this declaration he apologised and admitted he had used data from an unreliable source.