Degree project at Elisava, Barcelona.
4 ceramic coffee sets & 4 books.

Today is still forever is a project about time. About what we make of it and how it slips through our fingers.

The society we live in pushes us towards an accelerated rate of life. Even social habits such as eating or drinking coffee have become something we need to do fast, in order to work more, produce more. To explain my point of view on this subject, I used coffee cups and books, as I consider both drinking coffee and reading as rituals of a slow nature. The result was 4 sets, each consisting of a coffee cup and a book. The book narrates a story that is represented, symbolically, by the coffee cup. One doesn’t have a meaning without the other. The cup illustrates the book and vice versa.

Set 1: «One minute»
The book narrates a story which happens in one minute, and everything is decided within those 60 seconds. Both half of the book and the coffee cup act as clocks, helping us count the seconds. The coffee cup hides a small motor in the bottom which vibrates each second, making the coffe vibrate and transforming it into a clock.

Set 2: «Photographs»
This story narrates the feeling of wanting to stop time by taking a mental picture of a particular moment. Hence the mirror at the bottom of the cup. When the coffee is finished, we can see ourselves reflected. The book also hides a mirror inside, just after the sentence You must remember this.

Set 3: «In the dark»
This book tells the story about a birthday party where time stops due to a blackout. Without light, nothing happens, nothing moves, and we can enjoy a stretched moment. The tea cup is made of wax, and the book complements with a hidden match to light it.

Set 4: «Wake up»
In this story the main character lives in a slow paced world, but suddenly wakes up by appreciating an ordinary phenomenon. The cup represent the splash of liquid stopped in time. Half of the book hides a flipbook of the same splashing divided in portions of a second.

Read the complete books here.

* Hoy es siempre todavía is a verse by Antonio Machado